Alan Wynn

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I am a PHP developer living and working in the North East of England. I became interested in PHP from a young age and have always worked with computers in my professional career. Coming from a background in IT has helped me as a developer as I have been able to setup my own web servers and develop my problem solving skills. I have been working with PHP code since the age of 12 and professionally since the age of 24. I’m easy to work with, fitting quickly into small teams and large version controlled projects.


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Editor Sublime Text 3


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Laravel Livewire
  • Ubuntu (Server)
  • HTML5 + CSS
  • Scss
  • Javascript
  • VueJS
  • Cordova
  • GIT


PHP, Version Control (Git), Javascript, CSS, Scss, and some front-end experience. I usually use Scss, Bootstrap, and more recently Tailwind. I am always learning new skills and trying to better myself. I recently started to play with the TALL stack (Tailwind, AlpineJS, Laravel, and Livewire).

Basic Server Management

I am capable of running and configuring my own webserver using Ubuntu. I can use both Apache2 and Nginx as the webserver, with PHP-FPM. I am currently using Digital Ocean along with Laravel Forge for my server hosting.


(2015 - Current) CTO at Molekula ltd

After leaving Cloud Data Service, I started working at Molekula as part of the developer team. After working for the company for nearly 4 years, in September 2019 I was promoted to the position of CTO. At the time when I started, there was only one other developer there. He was mainly a front end developer, focused on Javascript and UI/UX. I found that this complimented my skills, as together we were able to work together and (re)build the systems used by the company, and the main website. During my time with the company I have expanded my skill sets by building non native iOS applications using Cordova. The applications I have built were for internal use only, and not for general use outside the company. I have also rebuilt the main web server (consolodating resources) using Laravel Forge. This has saved the company money and freed up resources for development purposes.

(2013 - Ongoing) Supporting Developer of

In late 2013 I started contributing code to the site with the current owners. Since I started I have re-developed large secions of the code base and taught the owners some of my knowledge, such as version control and good code practices. We have began to move the codebase from basic PHP without a framework and basic classes, over to Laravel 4 and Laravel 5 depending on the area of the site. The main site has just been maintained, where as the code to collect information on the 3k+ users has been fully redesigned and re-coded from the ground up. Due to ongoing development and an NDA I am unable to talk more about this project.

(late 2012 - 2015) Developer at Cloud Data Service

Following on from my freelance work, I started working with Cloud Data Service. Here I was hired as a PHP developer using the Codeigniter Framework. Since starting with the company I have progressed my skills further and every day I am learning more and more. I have learned new skills, both inside and outside of the job. Some of the skills I have learned are not only related to my career as a developer, but also business in general. I have worked on most if not all of the companies products, even making two of them Open Source. Many times I was working as part of a small team on feature requests and/or reported bugs. However I have lead projects for clients, working on a client website from start to end. I have also worked on several new producs for the business, focused around the NHS.

(2012 - 2013) Friendly Dev

In 2012 I set myself up as a freelance web developer. I decided to change my career choice due to the fact that there wasn’t a clear career progression with the college in the IT department I hoped for, I also had (and still have) a big interest in web technologies and PHP. During this year I had one main client in Canada. I learned a lot about the industry and about my skills as a developer.

(2009 - 2011) IT Development Team at Newcastle College

My role started as a two year apprenticeship culminating in a position with the IT Development Desktop Management team.

(2007 - 2008) Orange plc

Employed as a Customer Service Representative in the Handset Faults call queue. During my time at Orange I honed my client-facing customer service and communication skills.

(2005 - 2006) Croft Technologies plc

Here I built on experience from my previous role at PC2U and my first role configuring servers professionally.

(2004 - 2005) PC2U Computer Warehouse (NECC placement training)

Upon leaving fulltime education, I undertook my first IT Technician role where I learned process line management and customer service skills, following a specification to create a product to meet expectations.


Outside of work I tend to spend my time working on various side projects of my own (please see my portfolio for more info) and with friends on their sites. I’m also engaged with the North East web community through events like PHP North East and the larger online community through online game playing.


Available on request.